Channel Authority Builder Review

Channel Authority Builder Overview:

Creators: Chad Nicely, Karthik Ramani & Cyril Gupta
Date Of Launch: 2015-10-19 at 11:00 EDT
Official Site:

Making the videos for money via Youtube is the best choice for anyone of us today that everyone wants to try and want to do. But if all of us know how to do it best, there would have millions of millionaires. I am sure that you have to agree with me at this point.

If you tried a Youtube Channel to make money, you understand that the right of copywriting, the challenge to make a special video and even more is all of difficult we would meet while doing this kind of business.

With , you will have another view of making videos on Youtube, and you will catch the right point to increase the views of your Youtube Chanel. Let’s see!

What’s Channel Authority Builder ?

Channel Authority Builder is the YouTube software which helps you design the massive authority channels to get hundreds of thousand or even million views a month. It also can bring to fresh, unexplored content discovery mechanisms. Then, you can create the relevant and strategically content place, so it drives organic traffic to your site and builds your authority.

This is the strategy you need to unlock 80% of the traffic that you’re not getting targeting only keywords, and to create long-term authority channels.

With Channel Authority Builder You Will be Able To:

  • Unlock 90%+ traffic that they don’t even know how to target.
  • Create authority channels that result in more views and greater income opportunity.
  • Go after niches that they think are too big or too competitive for them.
  • Learn to avoid things that don’t have enough ROI. ( We had to learn the hard way).

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Channel Authority Builder Walkthrough Demo

How Does Channel Authority Builder Work?

Step 1: Install the Channel Authority Builder
Step 2: Doing as the guide of program
Step 3: Watch the videos of Channel Authority Builder Class, which help you to use this in the best way.

So, to get success in Video Marketing , you’ve been told to…

  • Make sure your videos are ranked in the top of the search engines.
  • Run high quality backlinks to all of your videos for extra link juice
  • On Page optimization should be done properly for videos that include title optimization, keyword optimization with proper description, etc.
  • Pay for ads on other people’s videos
  • Your thumbnail should be attention grabbing etc.

Let me share some MIND BLOWING facts with you about YouTube Channels..

You will get all those secrets that a premier video marketing genius initiated in his business and fetched more than millions of views on his YouTube Channel which let him earn around $20000 bucks in a month. This is the first YouTube software that is focused totally on helping marketers build authority or target YouTube’s content discovery mechanisms.

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Who Should use Channel Authority Builder?

You are the person who knows nothing about Youtube Channel and making videos on Youtube; you would become a professional video maker with this one. If you are the one who is turning into dizzy to get the right way for your views of your Youtube Channel; this is for you. If you want to become a rich man without wasting so much time and even if you do not work, this is for you.

Channel Authority Builder Keys Features:

[+] Keyword Rank Tracker: Monitor how your other videos are ranking for keywords on YouTube over time.

[+] Video Stats Monitor: Monitor the current video stats of any video on YouTube on a daily basis.

[+] Channel Stats Monitor: Monitor the current stats for a channel on a daily basis.

[+] Latest Videos From Monitored Channels: Discover what new videos are being produced by the channels that you’re monitoring.

[+] Sidebar Monitor: Discover whether you are appearing on a video’s sidebar and the trends there.

[+] Related Channels Finder: Quickly find the channels related to a YouTube channel.

[+] Trending Tags Finder: Discover what new tags your competitors are targeting.

[+] Popular Videos Finder: Discover what new videos from your competitors have actually become popular.

What You’ll Get Inside Of Channel Authority Builder?

So now you’ve seen the software that is doing it’s magic behind the scenes. The same software that is managing a channel that is doing over a MILLION views a month. I know you have bought software in the past,but you’re left to figure out the real strategy. Well not today! Not with this one….

You’ll get a step by step guide inside called “Channel Authority Master Class“….

Check what you’re going to learn here (Check All The Modules Below)…

Module #1 Building Authority Channels – In this module you’re going to learn to crate video channels that are based on Authority and not just video rankings.

Module #2 YouTube Story – This module is going to answer the question that we get asked. Why YouTube? Well when you’re done watching this video, you’re going to understand the MASSIVE potential with YouTube

Module #3 What Is Authority – What does Authority mean on YouTube and how is it going to impact your business. This is going to help you build the foundation in your business.

Module #4 Ways to make money on YouTube – It doesn’t matter what you niche or market is, we all have the same goal and that is to make money with our videos. In the module you’re going to discover all the different ways to make money with your videos

Module #5 Search Engines and YouTube – Discover why the search matters to YouTube, but no so much to you. Now that’s something you have probably never heard before, but it’s all going to make sense when you watch this video.

Module #6 Why is you traffic low – You’re going to find out what you need to have in place so that you no longer worry about low traffic stats. This is going to answer all your traffic problems.

Module #7 Cultivating the right mindset – In this video were going to take a detailed look into all the elements we need to cultivate to have the right mindset to create Authority Channels on YouTube. Very powerful lesson that will make a difference in your business.

Channel Authority Builder Price

  • FE: $27
  • OTO1: $67 (Pro Upgrade)
  • OTO2: $97 (Reseller)

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Channel Authority Builder – Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 Ace Video Editor
Video editing software are very expensive PLUS you need to have the creativity and the skills to do it right? But now you can test out your creativity, save on tons of money and learn the essential skills on how to use Ace Video Editor for your video marketing campaigns.

Bonus #2 Video Marketing BluePrint
Video Marketing BluePrint allows you to to boost your video marketing business. Just get started with this complete roadmap to make incredible effective videos

Bonus #3 Tube Reaper Jeet
Tube Reaper Jeet gets you both broad and specific search for an unlimited resource of long tail video keywords. Sources thousands of video keywords in a minute.

Bonus #4 Tube chimp
A video keyword research tool that harvests highly relevant keywords for your YouTube channel. It also finds you top ranking videos for the fed-in keywords.

Bonus #5 Tube Inspector
The best software resource to find the most effective keywords for your video and Pay per click campaigns.

Bonus #6 Keywords Goldmine Jeet
Finds if there are videos on the front page of Google for any keyword and tells you which keywords don’t have a video on Google page #1

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  • October 23, 2017

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