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Crazy Little Funnels Overview:

Creators: Crazy Little Funnels
Date Of Launch: 2015-12-07 at 11:00 EDT
Official Site:

Every marketer knows what you can benefit from productive funnels. Therefore, they work hard to build themselves some. However, the results aren’t always positive. Funnels aren’t child’s play. When it comes to them, even the most professional marketers can end up empty-handed.

Still, there is a way to avoid this unpleasant fate. You can try the brand new product, Crazy Little Funnels. With it, you will be able to create simple funnels that work ten times better than the usual ones. Take a look at the rest of my Crazy Little Funnels to find out how it works

What’s Crazy Little Funnels ?

Crazy Little Funnels is a training course that teaches you how to build simple two-step funnels. The task will only take you a few minutes, but still can help you generate about 100 leads and $150 per day. Throughout this 4-hour video course, you will get to know about the seven modules that lead to the author’s success and multiple exclusive methods to improve your work’s efficiency.

Normally, when building funnels for the first time, you will surely run into different types of problems. Even when you receive help from the experienced, you will still end up on a wild goose chase. The experts’ methods are usually complicated and time-consuming. If you are a newbie, there is no way for you to understand them.

None of these are going to happen once you use Crazy Little Funnels. Everything it provides you with is as simple as ABC. Regardless of your experience and technical skills, you will be able to apply them in your work within minutes.

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Crazy Little Funnels Author’s

Crazy Little Funnels was created by Neil Napier. Neil started with copy-writing and from there his obsession with online marketing grew from a simple hobby into a full blown million dollar company. He founded KV Social as company that specializes on offering a full suite of social media marketing solutions for both online and offline businesses.

Neil and his team generated over $750,000 in less than a year with their own products and funnels such as: Passivly, SyndRanker, SiteSync, Easy Bonus Builder, InstaSuite 2.0,… and many more.

How Does Crazy Little Funnels Work?

Crazy Little Funnels is a training course. Therefore, there isn’t much to say about its instruction. You just need to open it, check out all the videos, case studies and blueprints, and then use the information that you have learned from them. Easy, right?

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What makes Crazy Little Funnels Different ?

  • You don’t need any special skills or experience to setup your these 2-step funnels. This is a newbie friendly method, and we give you a ready-to-go funnel!
  • They’ll show you how to get up and running in less than 15 – minutes, and you can even use your current wordpress sites and software to do this
  • Once you setup one crazy little funnel, you can follow this simple FREE traffic method to continue to get more visitors to your offers every day.
  • This is one of the fastest and easiest methods we’ve ever seen released for making $300+ per day.
  • The money you make is on autopilot, so you very well might wake up tomorrow with new leads and sales!
  • Once your funnel works, you can SCALE LIKE CRAZY by making more little funnels. There are NO limits to how many you can create.
  • The beauty of this system is that You’ll discover how to make an easy $100-$300+ per day while you sleep and then how to scale that up to a 6 figure online income. Some funnels make more, some make less, but we average that quite easily (and don’t forget about the leads)!

Crazy Little Funnels Keys Features:

[+] Seven modules

Crazy Little Funnels will offer you these amazing modules: Funnel Mapping, 5-Minute Lead Magnets, Irresistible Offer, Building Your Funnel, Email Automation, Bringing It All Together and Bonus: FB Retargeting. Through them, you will be able to know how to do marketing effectively.

[+] Simple free traffic method

This feature will provide you with an easy yet brilliant method to draw more people to your offers with every day with free traffic.

[+] “Set-and-forget” system

With the help of Crazy Little Funnels, you will get to know how to automate every of your funnel. This way, you don’t have to do the same things over and over to make money. Moreover, you will be able to save time as well as have financial freedom.

[+] Exclusive bonuses

If you purchase Crazy Little Funnels right now, you will get to bring home three more amazing items: a wonderful ready-made Christmas themed funnel, mind map of the entire course; and finally, the live Webinar on December 11th. The total value of the trio is $497. But at the moment, you can get them for free!

[+] 30-day-money-back guarantee

Not only is Crazy Little Funnels useful, but it’s also risk-free! You will be able to use the entire course without paying anything for one month. If the result it brings cannot satisfy you, feel free to return it and get 100% refund.

What You’ll Get Inside Of Crazy Little Funnels ?

For quite some time now, we have been creating funnels to sell Kyvio (and our other info products) with free traffic.

Most of the time, when it comes to cold traffic – traditional IM type sales pages don’t convert directly.

Instead, we need to funnel the traffic through what I like to call “crazy little funnels”.

These are simple 2-step funnels that help generate leads and instantly sell them onto your own product (or an affiliate product).

This is a 2.5+ hour video course and contains these modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Funnel Mapping
  3. 5-Minute Lead Magnets
  4. Irresistible Offer
  5. Building Your Funnel
  6. Email Automation
  7. Bringing It All Together

Crazy Little Funnels Funnel

Main Course – Step-by-Step training that reveals Simple 2-Page System Generates Leads And $298 every day. Totally transparent, this powerful training will help a LOT of people go from nothing to 4 or even 5 figures per month online! Includes 7 modules and 25 step-by-step videos that help you setup your own profitable ‘Crazy Little Funnels’. SET and FORGET system perfect for newbies and day-job IM’ers.

Main course price – $17 (EarlyBird is $12.5 for the first 3 hours ONLY then increases from there)

OTO1: 4-DFY FUNNELS – Within info product vertical with training on how to use them immediately.

OTO2: CRAZY ADVANCED FUNNEL: – Advanced training series which includes case studies which reverse engineer, 4 high converting funnels from start to finish in these verticals. This will be done as LIVE training.
– Info product -Software -coaching -ecommerce

OTO3: RESELLER License -Reseller license to the ENTIRE funnel – where people can get 100% commissions through the funnel.

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Crazy Little Funnels – Special Bonuses

I have put together a brand new bonus package for the first 50 people ONLY that pick up a copy of “Crazy Little Funnels ” from this Blog. This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for customers that purchase Crazy Little Funnels  from this blog and this will give you “the edge” over 99% of other people that purchase this new course.

Bonus coming…

Crazy Little Funnels – Bonuses

Bonus #1: Domain Alarm – Is Your Website Working Properly? Use Domain Alarm And Know Instantly When Your Website Is Down! Domain Alarm sits in your system tray and immediately lets you know if your site(s) are not working properly.

Bonus #2: Squeeze Page Generator – Imagine being able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in ages. Put an end to Marketers’ Insomnia for good! How would you like to make those dreams a reality? In just 2 minutes? Personalization grabs attention. If someone calls your name, you immediately turn to find out why. So, Personalization and Persistence are the key elements of excellent marketing.

Bonus #3: SEO Clickbank – Use the power of SEO Clickbank to drastically increase the exposure of your Clickbank Products and stand out from the crowd! Imagine logging into Clickbank and seeing 100’s of extra sales. In about 10 minutes you can have a pre-selling system in place that allows your affiliates to pre-sell your products. They set the keywords, they set the meta-tags, they personalize the pages! SEO Clickbank won’t get in the way of any other systems you have in place. It’s a great tool to increase your sales of ALL of your products.

Bonus #4: Hilite & Share – Hilite and Share: Encourage Readers To Share Your Best Content, And Bring More Traffic Back To Your Site! Gives Your Readers A New Easy Way To Share Your Best Content.

Bonus #5: Sticky Note Ads – Include any text of your choice for holiday greetings, sales announcements and more. There’s no confining format to work with, so you can include what makes sense to you and your readers, not what the software designer things you should include.

Bonus #6: Video Ad Placer – Display custom ads and messages at specific video play times with this WordPress plugin. Engage your customers like never before with this plugin.

Bonus #7: 50 Impressive Background Images – Finally, there’s no need to fret about finding professional and awesome – looking Background Images! We’re making them quite handy just for
you. Your future and potential clients form their first impression about your business based on your website. Our KV Social designers searched for the perfect background images for 15 of the most popular niches in the market. So whether you add it on websites or blogs – these background images will surely bring high conversion rates!

Bonus #8: 50 Call to Action Buttons – Never run out of call to actions for your sales pages. This pack contains all 50 different call to action buttons you can use on any page you want.

Bonus #9: Ecommerce X Training – Easy Video Creation Training Course that will help you create professional sales video, optin videos, and so much more.

Bonus #10: Social Client X Training – Hack Facebook and social media sites to give you unlimited traffic! Learn how you can run ads with as little as $5 and get thousands of views

Bonus #11: Instant Article Page Builder – Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Instantly Turn Any Text Article Into A Complete Ready To Upload Web Page!

In the internet marketing industry, content is king and one of the best content media is articles. Articles may be persuasive in many factors like in thoughts and on the other side on the design of the webpage who delivered the content.

Bonus #12: WP Profit Doubler – Here’s How You Can Double Your Chances Of Generating Profits From Visitors To Your WordPress Sales Pages, Automatically!

Did you know that on the average sales page, 98% of visitors leave without ordering anything? That’s an awful lot of potential income lost.

Bonus #13: Keyword Buzz – A keyword research software which allows you to generate profitable keywords and analyze the demand and supply of every niche market with just 3 clicks of your mouse.

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